Summer Dickey
* Marketing Major
* Sport Business Management Minor
* Graduated from UCF in 2012
* Earned an MBA in Sport Management from Seton Hall University in 2014
* LinkedIn

* Question #1 for Summer:  What advice would you give to current students who want to work in the sport business industry?
The sports industry is extremely hard to break into because many people have a desire to work in such an exciting field. It’s important to get involved early and in as many ways as possible. During my time as an undergrad at UCF, I made it a point to take part in many internships and volunteer opportunities. These experiences allowed me to network with individuals already in the industry and create a huge contact base that will only continue to expand in the future. My advice to current students in the Minor: Wake up early, do the jobs that no one else wants to do and get your name out there – because people will recognize your hard work.
Question #2 for Summer:  What did you learn in the Minor that you carried with you into graduate school?
It’s important to realize that at such a large school like UCF, many professors don’t take the time to teach important practical tools like Dr. Harrison and Professor Bukstein do with each and every one of their students. I remember Doc stressing the importance of retaining certain information (such as names and facts), realizing that “it’s not about you,” and hustling. One of the most prominent points that I notice regularly in both school and in my internship is the importance of attention to detail, which is something Professor Bukstein particularly emphasized during my time in the Minor. Any student in the Minor is lucky to have such caring and helpful professors that are able to provide applicable knowledge.

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