Minh Luu
* Radio/Television Major
* Sport Business Management Minor
* Graduated from UCF in 2014
* Current Career: Orlando Predators (Director of Football Operations & Player Personnel Manager) & Detroit Lions (Prestigious Video Coordinator Internship)
* LinkedIn

Question #1 for Minh: What did you learn from the sport business minor that you have applied in your career today?
Never get comfortable. When you’re working in sports, you must realize that everyone is competing for the same jobs. It is a small industry that is highly competitive. When working in sports, you must come in everyday with the mindset to get better and must realize that the last thing you can do is get comfortable. Be humble, be relentless and earn your position every single day.
 Question #2 for Minh: What advice would you give to current students who want to work in the sport industry?
Stay humble. When you’re breaking into the sports industry, never think you’re too good for something. I have worked in sports for three years now and I am still asked to tasks that may seem like “grunt work.” There is no such thing as grunt work in professional sports. Every task, no matter how small it seems, has to be done for a reason. If your boss can’t trust you with the small things then you will never be trusted to do much larger tasks.

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