Michael Elliott
* Graduated from UCF in 2013
* Sports Business Management Minor
* Earned an MBA from Grand Canyon University in 2015
* Current Career: Athletic Facilities Maintenance Manager at Arizona State University
* LinkedIn

What advice would you give to current students who want to work in the sport business industry?
Be aggressive. I can promise you that there are dozens, if not hundreds of people out there who have the same qualifications that you do. What can set you apart? How can you differentiate yourself from the others? One of the best ways to differentiate yourself is by volunteering for events, even if you do not necessary know what the event will entail. Make connections and learn as much as you can. You never know what can happen. My final piece of advice would be to never give up on your dreams. While I was attending UCF, I had a wife and three children, as well as a full-course load, a job, and two internships. You have to do what is necessary in order to achieve your goals. Never give up. See what you want and go grab it. The Minor definitely helped to shape me, but you have to have that internal drive that will help you get past those times when all may seem hopeless.

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