Jonathan Ihrig
* Business Major
* Graduated from UCF in 2012
* Current Career: Account Executive with Learfield Sports
* LinkedIn

* Question #1 – What advice would you give to current students who want to work in the sport business industry?
Two words – network and research.
Network – The sports industry is massive, but as massive as it is there are even more people looking to break through. Take advantage of every opportunity you have to meet someone in the industry. Volunteer, reach out, and build relationships with anyone you can in the sports business world. Stay connected and have quality conversations with these people.  You never know when an opportunity will become available, and they might think of you.
Research – The business of sports is ever-evolving. On the marketing side, Teams and Athletic Departments are continually researching new ways to connect with their fans, and build value for their corporate partners. On the Individual & Group Sales front, everybody is looking for new creative promotions to put more butts in the seats. Know that you’re never going to have “learned everything” in your department. Stay humble, stay current, and continue to find new and creative ways to make your partners & entities stand out. Add VALUE wherever you go.
* Question #2 – What did you learn from the sport business minor that carried with you in your career?
The Introduction to Sport Business Management class changed my life. Without having learned the business of sports, I’d still be working in a bowling center. The thing that I take with me every day is to always go the extra mile. Always put your 100% best effort into whatever it is you are doing, even when it’s tough, keep being the best you that you can be. You never know when a door will open, or success will compound into more success–but as long as you are giving your tasks, objectives, and challenges your best effort you’ll be in position to seize the maximum value of the situation.

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