David Bressler
* Marketing Major
* Sport Business Management Minor
* Graduated from UCF in 2011
* Current Career: Web/Data Analyst with Universal Orlando

Question #1 for David: In terms of developing skill sets and preparing for a job, what advice do you have for current students interested in digital marketing?
The best thing to do for yourself is to build your own website (blog/personal branding site) and implement Google Analytics and Google Adsense. In Google Analytics, you can learn about the type of web analytics insights and measurements available. Google Adsense is a program that allows website owners to serve text, image, and video advertisements on the website. With this tool, students can learn about the online media side of digital marketing, where they’ll enter the world of cost-per-clicks and cost-per-thousand (impressions). They may even make a few bucks along the way.
 * Question #2 for David: What is one additional tool that a current student should get more comfortable with if they wish to enter the digital marketing field?
Another digital marketing tool is Google AdWords. This program allows advertisers to pay for advertising via paid search (top ad listings on Google), contextual ads (text based ads that are targeted based on keywords on the page. Universal does contextual advertising for consumers that view blogs about theme parks), and display/video ads.

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