Brandon Naidus
* Management Major
* Sport Business Management Minor
* Graduated from UCF in 2012
* Current Career: Social Media Manager at the Arizona Cardinals

Question for Brandon: Can you provide an example of when you stepped outside of your comfort zone and how did you get through it?
When I accepted an opportunity to work for ESPN, I took a big leap outside my comfort zone. I did not know anyone there. My only real experience was as a student intern for UCF Athletics, so I would be learning something entirely new. Most of the folks in my department were 10 or more years older than me. This was definitely an adjustment, but it was something that helped me grow both personally and professionally. I was able to succeed while working at on of the largest companies in sports right out of college. This also gave me the tremendous opportunity to network and build relationships there. I will always be grateful for the unique experiences and skills I gained at ESPN. None of it would have happened if I had stayed in the comfort zone.

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