Andrew Green
* Finance Major
* Sport Business Management Minor
* Graduated from UCF in 2013
* Earned an MBA in Business Operations & Analytics at University of Oregon, Warsaw Sports Marketing Center in 2015
* LinkedIn

Question #1 for Andrew: What advice do you have for current students on networking and connecting with sport business leaders?
Networking is essential to finding a job, so keep in touch with the alumni and industry professionals you meet and have a meaningful connection with. Attend optional guest lectures. Ask for informational interviews with friends/alumni of the program, and don’t be afraid to ask questions (just be careful about asking for favors too soon). If you’re not sure where you fit in the industry, dive in and explore.
Question #2 for Andrew:  What did you learn in the Minor that you carried with you into graduate school?
The Minor is a very special program. The culture instills discipline and the value in delayed gratification. The administration has such positive energy and strong work ethic, and I wish everyone were so lucky to be a part of The Minor That’s Major™. My experiences showed me that working in sports can be rewarding in so many ways. The greatest impact on me came from education on matters of diversity and inclusion.

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