Ameen Hafez
* Marketing Major
* Sport Business Management Minor
* Graduated from UCF in 2014
* Current Career: Multimedia Marketing with the Orlando Business Journal

Question #1 for Ameen: What did you learn from the sport business minor that you have applied in your career today?
There is an ever-increasing number of platforms available for us to spread messages.  Learning how to manage and use them effectively is key. Sports are a prime example, from the various sponsorship levels available per team/league/individual, to players/coaches/owners using their own statuses to garner attention and raise awareness. Also, in this digital age, being able to measure results of your efforts has become paramount, as well as being mindful of the fact that once you post something to the internet; it will never be deleted.
Question #2 for Ameen: How have those skill sets learned in the minor transferred to working with the Orlando Business Journal?
In the marketing and advertising world, there are number of acronyms to learn and make yourself aware of. Constantly educating yourself by asking the right questions and listening to what those who are more seasoned or experienced in the feld will help you tremendously get started. KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are referenced almost on a daily basis for analytics, as well as a CNA (Client Needs Analysis) when initially talking to a new client and on a recurring basis as initiatives change. Being an effective and comfortable communicator will elevate your brand to build rapport and help carry yourself in the light you want to be seen at all times. You represent the organization that you work for, as well as yourself, even when you aren’t in your work clothes or uniform.

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