Aaron Malave
* Marketing Major
* Sport Business Management Minor
* Graduated from UCF in 2014
* Current Career: Virginia Commonwealth University (Coordinator, Business Development with Learfield Sports at VCU); also recently worked with Green Bay Packers (Sales and Business Development Assistant)

Question #1 for Aaron: Can you elaborate on one topic that you have carried with you from the sport business minor into your current position at Virginia Commonwealth University?
The one lesson I learned in the minor that I still carry with me today is the value of hustle. Professor B also always stressed the importance of preventing excuses and avoiding putting yourself in a position of having to apologize, and I think the two go hand in hand. With so much competition in this industry, the easiest way for someone to differentiate them self is by being someone who produces results, adds value wherever possible, and never makes excuses. The minor provides so many opportunities for students to develop a hustle and taking advantage of those opportunities has paid dividends for me thus far in my career.
Question #2 for Aaron: Dr. Harrison has coined the phrase “That Inch.” Can you define what that phrase means to you and how an aspiring student can utilize it to their benefit?
The phrase “That Inch” has been my personal motto ever since having that discussion in class with Doc. The concept of giving that extra effort, of doing just that much more is fairly simple but it has resonated with me and with the way I try to live my life. The words “That Inch” were on my graduation cap and on a sign in my office that always serves as a reminder to me that I may not be the smartest, most experienced, or have had the benefit of a lot of privileges, but I do have a work ethic that can combat all of those things. I firmly believe that there are very few things in life that you have absolute control over, but the amount of effort you give is one of them – and “That Inch” is a testament to that.

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